Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Blocks - $15

Simply adorable! And yet another example of custom orders. A friend asked us if we could make this and we of course said yes . . . then set about trying to figure out how. I love how this turned out. We can do any color combination that you want! All pink for girls, all blue for boys, primary for gender neutral. The sky is the limit.

Each Happy Birthday Block is custom made out of solid wood. The two attached balloons are cut out of wood and attached with wire that you can bend and shape as you desire. Please note each balloon is hand cut and will vary individually.

These H A P P and Y blocks are permanently attached to the birthday base for ease of setting up and storage. The total length measures 17 inches wide, 3 3/4 inches deep and 14 1/2 inches tall including balloons. Please allow two weeks for delivery but rush orders are available depending on how busy we are when you place your order.

Blocks can also be personalized with a name or initial on the balloon or balloons. Perfect for your next birthday celebration!!!!

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